Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Northwest Police Kill Dog In Bathroom

Police knocked on the door of Marietta Robinson, a 62-yr-old grandmother. They had a search warrant to search her property for drugs and paraphernalia belonging to her grandson. Granted, her grandson hadn't lived there for thirteen years, but whatevs.

Robinson told the officers it was fine for them to search the house, so long as she could place her dog in a confined area - in the bathroom or backyard. Should have picked the car. The officer said yes, and she placed her dog in the bathroom.

During the search, officers ransacked her home, looking for the property of a man who hadn't lived there for 13 years, some idiot officer opened the bathroom door. There is some discrepancy about what happened next. Either the officer opened fire on the 100lb dog or the dog bit the shoe of the officer, and then the police shot her. Regardless, in a brilliant display of savagery, officers shot the dog eight times. Overkill, much?

Officers found empty fortune cookie bags and called it drug residue. They also used her water cooler to wash the blood off of their hands.

War on drugs - SUCCESS! I mean, can't we just call Mission Accomplished?

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Lauren said...

Wow... so ridiculous! Out of line and uncalled for in deed.