Thursday, June 24, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

A farm dog in the UK jumped through the front window of a car where a baby was left unattended. The dog mauled the child, causing severe injuries to the child's leg. The dog was killed. The dog was a Border Collie and the child nearly had to have his leg amputated. According to family members, the dog leaped into the car because he was "jealous".

A toddler in Youngstown, Ohio was bitten several times by the neighbor's leashed Labrador-Cocker Spaniel mix. The child was bitten multiple times in the face.

Two dogs in New York have been attacked by does. The first dog, a 30lb dog, was killed. The most recent attack occurred in the dog's backyard. The dog, a German Shorthair Pointer, barked at the doe who then turned around and began attacking the dog. The dog didn't fight back and suffered some serious injuries but survived.

Golden-Labrador Retriever mix, Shirley, is good at detecting upcoming diabetic attacks for a 6-yr-old child.

A Presa Canario show dog escaped from her flight crate, leaped out of the landed plane, and decided to take a swim in Flushing Bay. She did not eat anyone during her capture.

Probe of fatal Pit Bull attack inconclusive. The dog found near the scene and "accused" of killing the girl actually didn't - none of the dog's DNA matched. Another dead dog was tested but tests were inconclusive.


ChrisJ said...

Just as a point of clarification on the 1st entry. Unlike the US where "Collie" means the Rough/Smooth Collie, over in the UK, where the bite took place, "Collie" means Border Collie. One of the articles also refers to the dog as a "working farm dog" which is a type registry including BCs and working type Bearded Collies.

Rinalia said...

Thanks, ChrisJ. I have edited the post.