Monday, June 28, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

Two postal workers are recovering from dog attacks. The first was bitten by a German Shepherd. The second suffered extensive leg injuries after being mauled by an Azores cattle dog. The bites took place in Hamilton, Ontario - Pit Bulls are essentially banned.

Another woman in Ontario is looking for the owner of the German Shepherd who bit her on the thigh. The dog was leashed at the time of the bite, and the owner didn't bother to stop and help her, even after she implored him to.

A reporter writes about finding a home for a stray Pit Bull she helped.

A Labrador Retriever who bit a young female cyclist has been euthanized in Montrose, CO.

A zoo director's Great Dane has been banned from coming to work after biting several people.

After biting a woman who pet him while in the bed of a truck, a Great Dane was euthanized. The owner later found out that killing her pet didn't necessarily have to happen.

Two loose Jack Russell Terriers attacked someone in the UK, inflicting several bite wounds.

Do you feel that all those undocumented workers are stealing jobs and basking in the glory that is sub-minimum-wage w/o benefits? Well, now's your chance to take the jobs back!! If you're an American citizen and want to do the job undocumented workers are doing, sign up now! Have at it, bitchy-whiny America.

An unfortunate incident left a 3-yr-old with a bite to the face. The dog, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, had been left alone outside of a shopping mall. The dog was tied to a bench. The little girl, whose parents were tourists, wandered 8' from her parents and approached the dog, who bit her once in the face. This may be unpopular, but leaving dogs unattended without a muzzle is a bad idea. Theft is a possibility, as is a dog reacting inappropriately (or appropriately) to a situation like this. Stop assuming that because your dog has never bite that they never will.


Lauren said...

The Great Dane story really unnerved me. I blogged about it on Kangol's blog as well. If someone stuck their hand in my vehicle then I say they get what they get. I'll be damned if I put my dog down for someone's stupidity. Thanks for showing that other dog breeds bite as well, Rinalia. Some people seem to forget that.

Elizabeth B said...

I feel sorry for Titus and his owner (Great Dane story) but the owner made a rash decision instead of figuring out the real deal. My own dog was placed in a situation where she was forced to bite someone (a man who was attacking me). Luckily I knew the law, but if I hadn't I would have referred to google or the county library before I made any rash decision to euthanize my dog.

I do however think its just common sense not to even approach a dog in a car, or the bed of a pick up truck.

Jennie said...

It's a really confusing experience when the AC employees are telling you one thing, and the cops are telling you another. Especially if they're only telling you the worst outcome.

When Mona went through her ordeal, her owner and husband were told about 10 different things, including that the dog must be put down, that they could quarantine her in their house but would have to put a $50,000 deposit down against future damages, that they had to quarantine her at animal control. The only people who told them the truth was the PAWS adoption center manager (they could quarantine her in home and keep her without any penalties unless a judge declared her a dangerous dog) and by then they had scared her husband so badly he sent her to animal control, ostensibly to die.

A lot of us are willing to fight tooth and nail for our dogs, but some people don't have the resources, or place their trust in authority figures who should lay out all their options and not push for one.

And of course, we need to educate people about how and when to approach dogs. Common sense be damned.