Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tulsa Police Don't Care About a Pit Bull Being Stabbed

A Pit Bull was unleashed on his own front lawn. This was not on purpose. The dog slipped out the front door. And in that moment, life changed for the dog. Another dog was running loose and engaged the Pit Bull in a fight. The owner of the loose dog was able to separate the dogs.

So even though the second dog was loose and the Pit Bull was on his own property, and even though neither dog was really hurt, the owner of the second dog left, came back with a friend, and proceded to slit the throat of the Pit Bull.

The dog has survived but has some neurological problems from the stab wound to the head.

The Pit Bull's owner contacted police but they said nothing could be done.

Seriously? A man brought a box cutter to another person's home, grabbed their dog from his harness and proceded to cut the dog's throat...and there's nothing police can do about it? They should rephrase - there's nothing they WANT to do. There are anti-cruelty laws in all states, including Oklahoma.

Thankfully the SPCA is opening up a cruelty investigation. Hopefully the man will be prosecuted for animal cruelty. The fact is HE let his dog run loose. HE let his dog attack another dog. And HE made the decision to leave the scene, grab a friend and a box cutter, and viciously attack the victim dog. That is a sign of serious problems. He needs help and, yeah, I'd say a few days in prison.


Jennie Bailey said...

I would be filing a civil suit against the other owner. I don't care how poor he is. I'd make a point. The owner of the pit bull is 100% within his legal right. IF the situation were reversed, forget that the other dog even had its throat slit, there would have been outcry about a pit bull going onto another owners property and grabbing that dog. If someone ever did that to my dog, god help them.

If anyone lives in a small town where the police aren't stupid and lazy, please let me know. I can't find a single one including my own hometown I grew up in. God forbid they actually earn their damn paycheck.

Ashley (the mom), Dixie (the Catahoula) and sometimes Lola (the Pit Bull) said...

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Forget breed, that is another LIFE. And you know, if you substituted Lab or Collie for Pit Bull, there would be a police investigation and huge public outcry.
I am glad that at least the SPCA is doing something. This person needs serious counseling and jail time.

BobMarley said...

almost the same thing happened to me....any advice you could give us to help us get justice for our marley

BobMarley said...

You are absolutely right. It is not the dog that makes them aggressive or violent. It is their up bringing. They are just like children, the only difference is they can't speak for themselves. In the end, my marley couldn't yell for help. This 64 yr old man went home like a coward and left my dog to wander back home to me, without calling for any kind of help.