Thursday, May 20, 2010

Around the Interwebz

The Best Medicine, how a Pit Bull/American Bulldog mix is providing therapy to those who need it most.

A no-duh moment - bacon and hot dogs bad for your health.

Two off-leash Greyhounds maul a smaller dog, second attack an off-leash dog area. The first involved a Lab killing a poodle.

Though subject of breed bans, pit bulls earn love.

Folks seem surprised horses would comfort their herd-mate after she was shot with an arrow.

Two roaming German Shepherds attack a herd of alpacas, significantly injuring two of them.

A German Shepherd-Husky mix bites a 2-yr-old in the face, inflicting 200 stitches worth of damage.

A rescued Golden Retriever will be sent to a "no-kill", as yet unnamed, shelter after twice biting a woman who was interested in adopting him.

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Pibble said...

Shocking is right: Bacon and hot dogs NOT good for me? And Golden Retrievers bite?

But what if Red were a Pit Bull... no sanctuary then, I'm sure.