Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Egregious Animal Cruelty on Conklin Dairy Farm

These videos are one reason I don't drink milk. I've interned at dairy facilities. No, they are not all like this. Enough of them are, though. Even if they were all nice, I would not drink milk. Not when they remove babies the day they are born. Not when males are raised for veal. Not when I don't need the breast milk of another species to survive.

I know not all of you will agree with me. I generally avoid the veganism topic on this blog, because most of you a) aren't vegan and b) read this blog for Pit Bull related stuff. But veganism is an integral part of who I am, of what I do. It's as important to me as protecting dogs who look like Mina.

I could not finish watching this video. I adore cows. I have special bonds with several of the cows at the sanctuary. To see them abused in such an egregiously cruel manner breaks my heart.

Here is my prediction: Nothing major will happen to these workers. They would encounter harsher penalties if the animals in question were dogs and cats. They would certainly be in prison as I write this if the animals in question were human beings. These workers are dangerous - to cows/calves as much as to other human beings.That much is sure. Here is one recent article from ABC News.


Houndward Bound said...

I can't watch this. After the first 10 seconds it's evident what it contains...repulsive, inhumane, vomit inducing animal cruelty. Unfortunately I've seen similar videos before. As a vegetarian whose been tip toeing on veganism, I can say I'm done. I'm over it. I'm crying. I do not wish to consume any dairy product again. As I say this I think of how many products milk is an ingredient in and can't help but feel dismay.
I know people like to argue that it's just the bad apples that perform this kind of cruelty, but the reality is the basket is full of rotten apples. How many videos need to be shown and investigations performed of cruelty in the farming industry before people realize it's the norm not an anomaly?
From my understanding the only way to produce milk for our consumption is by regularly impregnating and ripping calves away from their mothers correct?
Almond Breeze all the way.

PoochesForPeace said... an ohioan i can say this was all over the news today. over and over. i dont live near this farm, but im definately looking into it further- i feel a need to know which stores they supply to, if the farm will remain open, etc. i want them to close- even the owner was caught participating in the abuse according to the news report i saw. i just dont understand it. why? is all i can say. :(

Rinalia said...

@Houndward Bound: It was one of the first undercover videos I couldn't finish. It was too painful.

Dairy is everywhere, but even reducing intake makes a difference.

The dairy alternatives have improved dramatically and many are fortified. Dairy milk is actually not a good source of bioavailable calcium.

And you are right, dairy cows must be impregnated nearly every year and their calves removed, generally the day they are born. It's just so sad.

@PoochesForPeace: I don't know how they do it in Ohio. Here in California, they pool milk. For example, we have a large dairy co-op called Crystal - they pool milk from multiple dairies, so it's nearly impossible to source it. Even the organic companies do it, like Horizon. I think some of the smaller farms don't. I'm pretty sure Conklin pooled its milk with others - it was Grade A so it was commercially sold to consumers as liquid milk (they used to produce cheese).

Leila said...

I might not be vegan, but I can respect your point of view. I might be in love with your dogs, but I have never been bothered by the rest of what makes you a great observer of life.

Ximena said...

I love that you talk about veganism even though your blog isn't fully centered on it. This is how true vegans should be: unafraid to show the nonvegans the truth.

I watched the whole video, simply because I figured that if the cows and calves had to put up with this, I should, too. And I'm in tears. I kept wishing the cow(s) would retaliate, but knowing how gentle every creature, aside from human, is, I knew it wouldn't happen. I truly hope these people get what they deserve in one way or another.