Saturday, May 29, 2010

Otherwise Your Dog Will Fear a T-Rex Attack

This is a true fact - do not throw chewable dinosaurs at your dog. It's just plain rude. Plus, they will develop an abnormal fear of rabid dinosaur attacks. Your life will be difficult as you try to traverse the urban jungle, avoiding dental-tipped Stegs and Brontosauruses.

Anyway, I buy most of my dogs toys and clothes (I know, I know) through PetEdge. I endorse the instructions for this product.


slave2tehtink said...

Never be apologetic for buying dog clothes! Buy dog clothes freely, and without shame, and then inflict them on your helpless canine with a wicked giggle.

Unless your dog is Tink, in which case, there is no inflicting because she will irritate the snot out of you until you dress her.

Jen said...


I can't guy nylabone non-edibles anyway. The Galileo one makes me giggle. Throwing that one directly at a dog.... yeesh.