Saturday, May 22, 2010

Switch the Species Around and Opinions Would Change

A woman in Scotland is appalled that the Scottish SPCA wasted their time investigating her over an incident involving her free-roaming cat.

The cat, who the owner/guardian admits, doesn't like dogs stands accused of attacking a Yorkshire Terrier.

By the look of the cat, I'm guessing she was larger or the size of the dog!

The owner just doesn't understand why the dog's owner didn't just come and talk with her. Because apparently everyone should know who this collarless, tagless cat belongs to. They should just feel comfortable tracking the cat as she goes about her day, playing with children and mauling dogs, and then finally ending up home for some dinner. Really?

I don't know the extent of the dog's injuries.

Even so, if you know your cat is aggressive towards dogs, why on earth let her run loose? I know of far too many dogs who are much larger than Yorkies who would not take kindly to a cat trying to attack them.

If this had been a small, loose dog attacking a cat on her property, the response would have been to kill the dog.

Instead, we get flippancy.

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YesBiscuit! said...

I'm sure you're right on the species reversal.
When I used to live in suburbia, I knew every free roaming pet and where they lived. That's why I was surprised when my cat got hit by a car when I wasn't home, picked up by AC and turned in to a local vet clinic because the AC officer said he asked all the neighbors and no one had ever seen the cat before nor had any idea who owned him. This was a very large, white cat. I didn't expect anyone to keep tabs on him by any means but to say they've never seen him before did surprise me.
He managed to get out of every collar we ever put on him (and of course the tag would get lost with it). Finally when he got a bit older, he stopped trying so hard to get outside and we were able to make him an indoor kitty.