Monday, May 10, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

Art studio buys recently vacated meat packing facility, turns it into an art gallery for animals.

A Boxer bites a toddler, causing minor wounds...made to sound like the dog went on a savage rampage.

After suffering a minor bite wound from a Bouvier, a police officer shot the dog who later died.

Sea Shepherd Society is the first group ever to try and stop the illegal overfishing of the near extinct bluefin tuna via direct action.

Rottweiler Mix spends a month defending her young puppies from loose, aggressive dogs.

A man shoots his own dog, a German Shepherd-Chow mix, after the resident, chained dog mauled his 2-yr-old daughter. The dog was euthanized by animal control due to his injuries.


Retrieverman said...

Wanna have some fun?

Liz said...

Retrieverman - Stop spamming! It's rude! Don't use someone else's Blog as an outlet for your own benefit.

Moving on...I appreciate this post, as I love to find dog news around the internet, and sometimes it's hard to find! I always check your blog for updates :)

There was also a recent story about a police man who shot a Pit Bull, whom he admitted did NOT show any aggression towards him. Grrr!

Pibble said...

@Retrieverman: Looks like he's got some Elk- or keeshond in him, but... tough to say.

Rinalia - I'm getting tired of people pulling guns and shooting dogs - what's up with this? I've been bitten more times than I care to admit (mostly by my own, sweet dogs, ahem), and I still haven't gone out to buy a gun. Am I just behind the times or a tad braver than most?

Jen said...

I don't know if its bravery or not but where I grew up (which is really only a decade ago that I moved out in my late teens..) people would freely shoot dogs that came on their property. It is a rural part of Pennsylvania but not everyone had farm land to protect.

I find it inappropriate that law enforcement find it appropriate to shoot dogs when they may or may not have been attacking them. How is this OK? How can I stop my tax dollars from funding the weapon that kills helpless dogs?