Thursday, May 13, 2010

OSPCA Kills Animals Over Fungus

I've had ringworm. It's sometimes itchy and rather unattractive. It's a fungus. I've had foster kittens with it and treated it successfully. I treated it easily myself and it resolved in a couple weeks. It wasn't a death sentence. In fact, it was only a minor inconvenience, in the grand scheme of things.

Yet the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is ignoring the whole "preventing cruelty" part of their name and killing dogs and cats infected with a fungus. A fungus. Not rabies. Not distemper. Not parvo. Not the types of viruses that can and often do kill those afflicted, but an irksome fungus.

Look at these dogs and cats. Adoptable. Some are probably dead. Over a fungus.

The best part? The OSPCA claims there was a miscommunication. They weren't just killing dogs and cats over ringworm. Crazy talk.

From their website:
These are the facts:

-99 animals have been humanely euthanized to date.

-96 animals have been fostered out to other accredited agencies, clinics, shelters and institutions capable of caring for them in isolation from other animals.

-15 animals have been stolen.

-15 animals who are not affected by the outbreak are in isolation in a portable structure on the site.

-23 dogs and 91 cats need to be tested further. We are seeking temporary shelter for these animals for up to a month.

Nearly a 100 dead animals. It is inconceivable these were all irremediably sick or aggressive animals. It is not a big leap to claim that many, if not all, are dead because of a treatable fungus.

They really should just call themselves the Ontario Society. They aren't preventing cruelty to animals by killing them.

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