Monday, May 31, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

My new favorite study: Shark attacks are most likely to occur on Sunday, in less than 6 feet of water, during a new moon and involve surfers wearing black and white bathing suits, a first of its kind study from the University of Florida suggests.

A German Shepherd-Rottweiler Cross attacked his owner while the owner put down a plate of food. The dog had bitten the owner once before but this attack was far more serious.

Wagging his tail and acting friendly, a Pit Bull was rescued from a car accident. No one was eaten by the injured, friendly dog. Amazing. It sounds like he and his owner will be okay.

A man stabs a Golden Retriever to death because the dog barked too much. The dog tried to defend himself, biting the man once.

Should Calgary ban Pit Bulls and Rottweilers after an English Mastiff and American Bulldog attack? Calgary Sun, please tell us!

A loose corn snake at a pet store bit a child in the face.

A Pit Bull running loose was shot 9 times, including in the back as the dog tried to claw his way back into his own home. The dog did not bite or harm anyone.

A Shar-Pei mix bites an elderly woman and knocks her to the ground. The dog is apparently kept outside on a chain, regularly.


Lauren said...

Just wanted to say that I love your blog and commentary on articles you post. You inspired me to start a blog for Kangol with various content. Thanks!
So glad to read a positive (well minus the accident) pit bull story. You have 2 really awesome dogs; love the cow pics as well! Keep the pics coming!
-Lauren and the WD (white dog)

Rinalia said...

@Lauren: Thanks for your kind words. I'll check out your blog as well! :)