Friday, May 7, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

An Australian Shepherd mix running loose was "acting aggressively" and so police shot and killed the dog.

A Labrador Retriever mix allegedly bit a boy.

Two Pit Bulls were illegally killed in California, even though a qualified rescue was willing to take them and even though the owner was willing to pay an exorbitant "bail-out" fee. It's a horribly sad story.

A Labrador Retriever Mix bites a volunteer firefighter going door to door to raise funds.

A police dog attacked the wrong man. But hey, they were following procedure and, as such, having teeth embedded in the leg and head of the wrong person is, you know, just part of protecting and serving the public.

A Rottweiler slips out of his home and grabs a girl by the face. The dog needed to be physically wrenched off of the girl's head. The victim is still in intensive care.

A child was left with minor injuries after a loose police dog bit him in the face during a visit to the school.

Dog food arriving for Tibetan mastiffs left homeless after an earthquake.

A police dog attacked his/her handler after the person tried to correct the dog for biting someone else.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the Tibetan Mastiff article makes me sad. They have worked so hard to bring that breed back and to lose so many of them is just sad. But $30,000 to breed them? That's pretty amazing.

Of course, all the people dying is sad too...

YesBiscuit! said...

"But Yushu is believed to be home to as many as 20,000 of the valuable animals, many going hungry after the earthquake. Although, dog fanciers would argue that fewer than 100 are purebreds."

So we really only have to worry about feeding those 100.