Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Basset Hound survives fling with alligator.

A bull mastiff with a history of running loose and biting attacks a smaller dog and the dog's owner. The woman is expected to be fine.

Pit Bull clings to life after barely surviving a savage mauling by four other dogs. She never fought back.

A cattle dog bites a girl in the face. The bite occurred while the child was playing with the dog.

A toddler tried to pet a sleeping Cocker Spaniel and was bitten in the face. The wound required six stitches to close.

A 3-yr-old English Mastiff will be killed after he attacked a 7-yr-old boy. The victim had opened the door, which hit the dog. The dog responded by biting the child, causing 3 dozen stitches worth of damage.

A Boxer/Bull Mastiff mix attacks a boy, ripping open the child's throat. He had to be airlifted to the hospital.

Animal control killed a Border Collie who had bitten a woman on the dog's property. The owner of the dog did not realize that when the dog was taken away, it would be the last time she saw the dog.

A Labrador/Shepherd mix attacked a boy who had entered the property to play with the dog owner's child.

Two Boxers with a long history of getting loose and biting both people and other animals attacked a woman, inflicting more than two dozen stitches of wounds. The dogs will be killed.

A Bull Mastiff in the UK with a history of attacking pets and people will not be killed.

A woman's two Boxers were killed by animal control. The woman had been given five days to get $300 to cover the impound fees and neutering. She was one freaking day late. The dogs may have been let out by neighborhood kids.

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Pibble said...

Poor Sweetie, fighting for her life. And people think Pit Bulls are the ones doing the damage. Just look at this list.

I feel awful for all of the children who were bitten; and worse for the woman with the BC who didn't know her dog was taken away to be killed. And even worse for the woman who was trying to get the funds together to do the right thing, just have her dogs killed. And she wasn't even responsible for them being loose in the first place.

It's so freaking messed up, isn't it?