Sunday, May 2, 2010

Identify This Tree For Me, Please.

ETA: I'm leaning towards red maple.

There are three of these trees in my backyard. They are beautiful. I want them to survive. They are deciduous. I'm guessing they are maple. Right now, they stand at least 40-50' tall.

What are they? I'm in love with them.I love most trees. Willows and dogwoods are two of my favorite. And these trees. I can't describe what I feel when I stand below them, looking up into their gently waving branches. I'm afraid they are not doing well. I had them trimmed and there were a lot of large, dead branches.

Anyway, tell me what they are!

Tree 2

Tree 3

Tree 4

Tree 5


Liz said...

I THINK they're a Japanese Maple..Let me find out for you!

slave2tehtink said... has some good tools for identifying trees!

Pibble said...

The leaf does have a maple shape...

Retrieverman said...

Could this be the trees?

Retrieverman said...

Have you found the answer?

It's driving me crazy,

Rinalia said...

I'm thinking they're red maples. Too tall to be Japanese maples. I think they are sick or need to be fertilized.

PoochesForPeace said...

You have to save them! I know, I'm so helpful :)

I love trees too. It makes me sad when the storms here in Ohio ruin them :( Especially if they're really old (i.e. really tall with big trunks, lol) because it has lived so long and then one bad storm ruins it all!