Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Year Ago Today in Photos - Rabbits and Goats Galore

Charmain may look like a guinea pig, but she is actually a rabbit.
Charmain guinea pig rabbit hybrid

Gilbert is a handsome goat.


More photos from a year ago today here


Retrieverman said...

One of the first animals I ever got to know well was an Anglo-Nubian wether named Hank.

He was kind of like a very gentle, vegetarian hound.

And he was the same color as Gilbert.

Elizabeth B said...

So I have poison ivy all over my backyard and friend of mine told me I should borrow her neigbors goats to eat it up (as I'm trying to find an organic way to remove it) I thought she was pulling my leg but she seems pretty serious about it. I personally love goats and wouldn't mind them coming to hang out with me for a few days but do you honestly think it would work? I should mention I don't care if they eat the other stuff too.

I feel alittle weird asking you this but since you deal with farm animals for a living I figured I'd ask you about it.

Rinalia said...

Hey Elizabeth - We have poison oak out here and the goats do eat it up. Sheep eat it too. We would need A LOT more goats/sheep than we have to contain it on the 600-acres but, for smaller properties, a few goats would probably help out.

They'll eat the really tasty stuff first and then work their way through their less favorite stuff.