Friday, April 2, 2010

Sioux City - Waiting Until Next Week to Kill Your Dog!

Back in 2008, Sioux City officials had a problem" with Pit Bulls.

So they banned them based on this logic, "Pit bulls tend to become more dangerous as they age, especially in the last years of their life". Those were the words of Council member Jim Rixner. Well, I'm sold!

Last year, Pit Bull owners had to register their dogs.

This year, officials noticed that more than 150 dog guardians had not re-registered their dogs. So they extended the deadline for registration.

After that? Well, next week, police will be going door to door checking for dogs.

If they find a Pit Bull who is not registered? Well, owners do not have any legal recourse to protect their dog. Instead, the dog will be confiscated and killed. They say euthanized but I say taking the life of a healthy, loved companion dog is killing, not a "gentle death". 

Please tell me how killing 150 family pets improves public safety?


Pibble said...

Why not register them on the spot? Isn't that a better solution? Jeesh. They just love to kill those Pit Bulls, don't they. Any excuse will do. "Um, your dog has TWO EYES. I have to kill it now..."

Rinalia said...

Stop being so logical, Pibble! It makes far more sense to spend resources on door-to-door checks, transportation, and euthanasia of people's pets!

Pibble said...

Oh, yeah. You're right. Logic has no place in our argument, does it!