Thursday, April 15, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

Owner of "friendly" German Shepherd who bit 2-yr-old in face walked off after the bite.

Orca "plays" with dog on a fishing boat. No one asks what would happen if the dog had dove into the water.

A German Shepherd bit a 15-yr-old on the arm after she tried to grab her dog away from four off-lead dogs. The other dogs had overwhelmed the smaller dog and were acting aggressively. They included two German Shepherds, a Golden Retriever and a Rottweiler.

Therapy Golden Retriever enjoys the attention given to her at prisons, unintentionally provides great benefits to the inmates as well.

Two dogs, a Boxer/Pit Bull mix and a German Shepherd/Lab mix (not sure how the witnesses knew that mix) attacked a woman. There has been an ongoing problem with loose dogs in this community.

PBS looks at bonds formed with service dogs. Show premieres April 21st.

A loose German Shepherd attacked a 2-yr-old.

Both candidates for a Toledo Commissioner vacant seat support stopping the automatic killing of Pit Bulls at the Lucas County dog warden's facility.

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