Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mina at Work II

On breaks, Mina and I go for walks around the 600-acre sanctuary.

Mostly I see this:

Pit Bull Butt

Which necessitates me posing Mina so I can get pictures like this:

Noble Pink Nosed Pit Bull

I took Celeste into work yesterday afternoon. She was embarrassing. She growled at every dog, although she did meet one of the dogs without much fanfare.

But! We went on a glorious hike and she ran, leaped, sniffed and muddied herself thoroughly. It was wondrous. I found meadows and some of the loveliest old oak trees. We followed deer tracks and listened to bird song. Unlike Mina, Celeste orbits, then zooms back to me for a check-in (Mina could care less). There was a threat of rain, so no pictures. I'll try bringing Celeste again next week in the afternoons. She will do better in open land with the other dogs. Closed in, she gets very concerned and reactive.

Why do I have the two trouble maker dogs? :)


Schwang said...

I really do like that posed photo. You should get her to do some like that more often.

Retrieverman said...

How long was Celeste on the streets of Mexico?

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Why do you have two trouble-maker dogs? Because God knew what He was doing when He sent them to you because He wanted them to have a good life☺

Jen said...

Mina is beautiful!
I'm loving this blog!