Thursday, April 15, 2010

Man Escapes Run-In With Pit Bull, I Mean Boxer, I Mean What?

This is a weird story.  I would have to say police handled it poorly.

A man and his 2-yr-old daughter are out for a walk. Suddenly (and apparently quite dramatically) three dogs emerge from the fog (j/k) and begin their run-in with the man and daughter.

Actually, that isn't quite what happened. First, someone called about three loose dogs. Pit Bulls, specifically. Bring out the troops! Police arrive. One deputy sticks his hand out the window and the white dog approaches and growls. The deputy wisely withdraws his hand. The brown dog decides everyone else is crazy and runs into a backyard. The black and white dog is probably sniffing a blade of grass.

The deputy follows the two remaining dogs. By this point, the white dog is pretty agitated. When he sees the man and his daughter, he growls and barks. So naturally the man hits the dog with his bike. The dog gets more agitated and then the black and white dog gets agitated and redirects onto the white dog. It's a minor scuffle with no major injuries.

Continuing with the "naturally" theme, the deputy then tries to run over the dogs. Instead, he hits the man and his bike, injuring him. The man and daughter are ushered into the cruiser. As the deputy is about to shoot the dog, a neighbor comes out and notifies the officer he knows the owner of the dog. He calmly leashes the black and white dog (who is probably happy to have a bit of direction) while the white dog runs off. The owner of the white dog says he has the dog for protection and will, you know, close that pesky gap in the fence.

All is well with the world.

Here is the white Pit Bull
I know, right? It's like Lorain took a page from the Mitchell, South Dakota Manual on How to Mangle a News Report.

The owner of the white "Pit Bull" claims that it was the neighbor's black and white dog, a real Pit Bull, who  let the white "Pit Bull" out. I guess the real Pit Bull has to be blamed for something, right?


Retrieverman said...

A lot of people don't know about white boxers.

You know the kennel clubs are very anti-white boxer, even encouraging breeders to euthanize white puppies at birth. They do have a very high incidence of deafness. 30percent of all white boxers in the US are in some way deaf.

So they do have health reason to be against that color.


They could stop breeding white boxers very easily.

Just stop breeding for flashy white markings on "normal" brindle and fawn boxers. The flashy markings don't breed true, and all flashies are heterozygous for both solid fawn or brinde and white. If you breed flashy to flashy, one out of four puppies stands a chance of being solid white.

Elizabeth B said...

He added he had the dog for protection and had insurance on it.

Need I say more?