Monday, April 5, 2010

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Patricia McConnell has something to say about dominance: The Concept Formerly Described as Dominance

The New York Times asks, Can Animals Be Gay? Watch out, the big a-word*is practically a catchphrase for this article.

Pennsylvania legislator drops bill that may have permitted cities and counties that option of banning dogs based on how they look, not how they act.

A minke whale spent 2 hours swimming alongside a woman paddling against breast cancer. She originally raised $6,000 but after the whale's arrival and subsequent media blitz, she's raised more than $100,000.

State of California says they won't provide the extra funding to keep animals alive an extra week-day. Contra Costa Animal Control really wants to kill animals in 3-business days (defined to include any weekend that the shelter is open), while the state appeals court says, well no, you have to wait 4 business WEEK-DAYS before killing them. 

*Anthropomorphism, people.

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YesBiscuit! said...

My mind is reeling at the cost to keep a shelter pet alive for one more day. Somebody would have to clean the cage and put fresh food and water in there. On average, that could take *minutes* per pet. Now just add up all the pets in the shelter who would be kept for that extra day. Depending on the size of the shelter, that could mean, on any given day, an extra couple of hours worth of work. If shelter workers are *that* busy that they can't incorporate that time (divided amongst themselves) into their workday, I'll eat my hat. Alternately, maybe they could ask the community for volunteers to clean cages and put fresh food and water in with pets on their last day. Or any of a hundred other ways to make this work. Geez, they're not asking to keep them alive for an extra YEAR - it's just 24 hours. Reasonable people who care about pets can't find some way to make this happen? I would think they can.