Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pennsylvania SPCA Needs Foster Homes

More than a 120 dogs are in need of placement or foster homes in Pennsylvania. An outbreak of a streptococcal bacterial infection has led the Pennsylvania SPCA to perform a complete disinfection and removal of all current animals. The dogs are being warehoused in a garage under less than ideal circumstances. Getting them into permanent homes or, at the very least, temporary foster homes (or rescue agencies) is of great importance.

PSPCA's foster home form is here.

You could be fostering Athena here who is like Mina but not quite as cute. This is not her fault and do not tell her she is not as cute as Mina. Those ears will no doubt do strange things and she will go emo on you. Emo Pit Bull = SADDEST THING EVER.

You can also reach them by phone:
(215) 426-6300
Adoptions: ext. 251, 234

or email
General questions:

Go get your fostering on, kiddos!


J. said...

I met Athena today. She was obviously abused and is pretty shy. It took me about 10 mins to get her to even come to the front of the cage. BUT she wants to get to know people and will make a great dog for someone someday.

ALSO the shelter is pretty full right now and has all types of dogs with all types of personalities. Soooo pleas eif you are in the area stop by a meet a few dog because i cant take them all home!

Jennie said...

If you want to foster or adopt, don't bother emailing or calling, especially not the PSPCA proper. They are bungling this like no one's business. Instead, please go to directly to Animal Care and Control at 111 W. Huntington Park Ave. Their staff will help you find a dog that works for you. Or you can contact the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society and foster through them.

A bunch of my favorites have luckily gotten out into foster care, but so many great dogs are still there, and more are being dropped off every day. And their estimating the number of dogs in trouble to be 300 now. 300!