Friday, April 23, 2010

The Jersey Inquisition

Four sevenths of our cattle herd is comprised of Jerseys. Here are three of them. Elsa is the 15-yr-old cow in front. She is from a small school who, after fifteen years, wanted to kill Elsa. Unacceptable! The two babies are not hers. They are not brothers, either. Freedom and Summer are male dairy calves. They are by-products of the dairy industry. Big or small, nearly every dairy farm in the country removes calves the day they are born. Males are sent to auction where they will be sold for veal (bob, milk-fed and grain-fed), cheap dairy beef or for backyard slaughter. Females replace their moms when they are slaughtered.

Summer and Freedom will be celebrating their first birthday in May.

That's a 5' fence.

Jersey cattle are short!

The Jersey Inquisition

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PoochesForPeace said...

They are so adorable :) Especially the little tikes!!