Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mina Loves Coming To Work

Finally, after six years, I get to bring Mina to work. I am so happy, it is ridiculous. Mina loves it too. When we are more settled in, I will bring Celeste too. Right now everything is too stressful. Celeste requires special 1:1 intros with dogs. She's special.

On breaks, this is what we do:
Mina is smaller than a pig
Mina is obviously the dog in the coat. Susie is the pig. This gives you a general impression on their size difference. Susie weighs about 500 lbs, Mina 40lbs.

The grass is tall here:
Pit Bull in Tall Grass

Mina is impressed with her domain
Pit Bull Mina Checking It All Out
Mina is good with cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. I could let her in their pastures but won't. The pigs would not mind. The goats and sheep would be frightened. The cattle might accidentally kill Mina.

Mina is not good with rabbits and chickens. I am always impressed with dogs who can withstand the allure of chasing fast-moving, furry/feathered animals. Mina is not one of those dogs. But, she will ignore them when there is a fence between her and them.

There are 5 other dogs who come to work too. When the admin person begins, that number will jump to 7. This is not including Mina or Celeste. I have created a cubicle. I call it the enclave. This will be Mina and Celeste's safe space.

Mina likes dogs. But she is an easily aroused terrier. In close contact, she can only safely do 1:1 play-time. Which she isn't interested in, by the way. She's 11 and beyond that play thing, except in small doses. She likes the other dogs, though she finds 1-yr-old Wendall, a 55-lb Pointer mix (like Celeste, he was supposed to be a 25-lb Mexi-mutt) absolutely, convincingly obnoxious. Most dogs have found him that way. Us humans too. Then there is 9-yr-old Pixie, a terrier mix; 1-yr-old Marty, another terrier; 14-yr-old Sally, a something or other Chi/thing mix; 6-yr-old Ralph, a poodle thing and soon two BC mixes.

Coming to work with me has made Mina more relaxed. Plus, we go on hikes several times a day (yeah, I work too!) and she is zonked out at the end of work. I've been spending solo time with Celeste in the evening. We go to an 80-acre park. She cannot be off-leash, but she seems content with just being with me on a 20' lead. I think she will like coming to work but won't really enjoy the other dogs too much.

That is all.


Pibble said...

I envy you! I wish I could bring one of my dogs to work. Even just one day a year. sigh

Schwang said...

That's so great. She must have an amazing time.

Retrieverman said...

Mina looks great in that jacket.

It's very sporty and functional.


What do you think of this site?

Retrieverman said...

Red flag on that website:

Anti-tethering laws are bad?


I am Mr. Anti-tether!

Mary said...

So jealous.

Rinalia said...

@Pibble: Now that Mina's here every day, I really feel awful for not pushing to bring her in past years. Oh well, better late than never.

@Schwang: She LOVES it. It's only been four days and she's got her routine and is currently snoozing in a sunbeam.

@Retrieverman: Mina and hunter green go well together.

Diane Jessup is controversial w/i the pit bull community. I have her book, The Working Pit Bull. She claims Pit Bulls are not terriers at all but are pure bull dogs. Sometimes I feel she glorifies their fighting heritage way too much. I think she's a mixed bag. I don't think she has a good editor for her site... :)

Kari in WeHo said...

congrats! what a great place to work

Maureen said...

Let me know what day I can start work!! :D