Thursday, April 29, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

A toddler was left with puncture wounds to the face after a West Highland Terrier bit her.

While serving court papers to the wrong address, police shot and killed a family's dog. The dog was chained. He got loose and ran at a deputy. The deputy shot and missed. Others arrived. The dog chased some cars and charged the officers. Then the dog committed a fatal sin - he growled. And so a deputy shot him to death.

Roller coasters are killing your ears dead!

Witnesses cannot tell the difference between a Rottweiler and a Chow Chow, but all agree on the Pit Bulls. I'm not sure if I trust the account of folks who confuse a really hairy dog with a smooth-coated one. I am sorry that a little dog died, though. That much I know.

Blood sucking insects take your blood, leave their DNA - not a fair trade!

This article describes a 14-minute-long attack by two Border Collies on a cat. The cat was on her property when the loose dogs began their aggressive, predatory encounter. No charges are being filed against the owners of the dogs, even though the dogs were loose and the owners bagged up the dead cat and left the scene. If you can stomach it, there is video of the attack. I watched about 3 seconds and stopped it - it was sad. The family is now left with the mother cat's kittens. While I'm not a fan of loose cats, the cat was on her property when the attack was initiated. I know dogs don't understand property lines. People do, though.

Offshore drilling for oil is super awesome, except when it's not.

A 6-yr-old Golden Retriever kept his deceased guardian's body company for six days before being found. His owner probably died of a heart attack.

An animal control officer repels 80' down a cliff to save a little Corgi mix stuck on a ledge.

Cute Pit Bull ties up traffic two mornings in a row, happily jumps into back of car for trip to vet.

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