Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

The owner of two German Shepherds who have attacked several dogs and bit people (who interfered in the fights) still haven't been found. Even though apparently everyone and their mother knows where the person and the dogs live.

Greyhounds used to hunt coyotes, takes its toll on both.

New South Wales legislators want to allow dogs at cafes. Unless you have a Pit Bull or other restricted breed. Then, your dog is not welcome.

Proof that worms are cool (or creepy): They can regenerate a new brain and head!

Firefighters saw chair in half to get at stuck dog.

A matador is (deservedly) gored in the groin whilst trying to stab to death a bull.

A man was arrested, accused of tying up a Pit Bull and leaving the dog to die in a field. The dog is safe, friendly and will be placed with a rescue group.


EmilyS said...

re coyotes/greyounds: Scottie has started a blogpost at Retrieverman on this subject. I have weighed in.

YesBiscuit! said...

I can totally regenerate a new brain & head. I just choose not to be a SHOW OFF, unlike *some* worms I know.

Retrieverman said...

Gay dogs aren't allowed in a restaurant in South Australia:


EmilyS said...

YB: maybe the next time you regenerate your brain, you can donate the old one to one of the Brampton city morons.. even a used brain would be superior to what they have.