Friday, April 9, 2010

The Big Moooooooove

Tomorrow I will be assisting in the process of moving nearly 200 chickens, turkeys, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and rabbits to their new home. I'm moving too. It ended up making a lot of sense to buy a home, so that's what I did (and for under $200,000 to boot). The sanctuary will be relocated 90 miles from Vacaville, CA to Grass Valley, CA. We're moving from 60-acres to 600-acres.

I am trying to get over the fact that Grass Valley gets snow. Not a lot, but enough for me to cringe.

But I love my job so much that I will endure and overcome my distaste of the cold through fifty layers of warm clothing items. Mina will benefit - she'll get a new wardrobe! Once I'm rich, of course. Which will probably be never, but that is too pessimistic.

I imagine it will be quite hectic tomorrow. Moving chickens and rabbits is easy. Sheep and goats will be mostly drama free. But the pigs. The cows. Oh, I just cannot even think about it too much. Plus, we'll be videotaping everything. All the obscenities issuing forth will be cut.

My parents are really excited about my new home and have been helping out immensely. I could not have done it without them (literally, buying a home is no easy task!) On Sunday, I'll be heading up to help out with my house and then, hopefully, officially moving in!

Monday is the scariest day for me. Four of the cattle won't be moved until Sun-Wednesday. Partly because two have to go to the vet and the other two are going to be difficult. If something happens, we don't want it to happen in front of all the stock trailer volunteers or the cameras. And on Monday, the cow I can only describe as my "heart cow" (think "heart dog" but in bovine) will be loaded up and transported up to the new sanctuary. She has a lame rear leg and is really not in love with the stock trailer. She broke her leg b/c of an improper load up at the vet. In fact, she's fallen down every time she's gotten in and out of the trailer, one time bad enough she concussed slightly. Think good thoughts for Sadie. She has gone through so much in her life and I want her to enjoy her twilight years in peace and comfort at the new sanctuary.

I have a couple posts pre-scheduled to post over the weekend. I had stopped comment moderation, but I'm re-implementing it until I get back or until I get internet at my new place (theoretically on Monday). So please be patient if your comment doesn't get posted on Sat or Sun or Mon.

Wish us luck! We'll need it!!!


Retrieverman said...

Vacaville = cowtown.

I always loved that name.

PBOforlife said...

I'll be sending positive thoughts your way. It's always nerve racking moving animals, regardless of size.

Maureen said...

Best of luck with all aspects of the move. Tell Sadie to be strong and steady!!

And don't worry, you will get plenty of heat. I lived up in that area for over 17 years. The summer's get hot, hot, hot. The summer before I moved back down to the Bay Area we had 30 straight days of 109+ degree days.

Yep, shortness of warmth you will not be without :)

Pibble said...

Holy... well, COW! Best of luck to everyone, feathered, furred, and everything else. Once everyone is settled in, it will be so worth it. 60 to 600 acres is a dream come true (it's almost worth snow, even!).

And congratulations on moving into your house. Very exciting. You and the girls will have your own place to lounge and frolic. (Yes, I used the word "frolic." You can now block me from your blog, I'll understand.)

I'm looking forward to pictures of the new facility; I hope Sadie stays calm enough for the load up. Show her pics of how dogs do it, with their heads hanging out the window, ears flapping in the wind, tongue flapping wildly. Yeah; that'll calm her down. :)

YesBiscuit! said...

Moving sucks. OTOH, I've never had to move 200 farm critters so maybe I've had it easy. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the MOOOOOve. Sorry, couldn't resist.

But congrats on the new house, new sanctuary and everything.

Everything will happen according to plan, the animals plans that is. It's the way of the universe. :)

Keep all those stories for us. We'll love to hear them. In the mean time we'll be sending all our good juju your way.
Leila & Quizz

PoochesForPeace said...

Ahhh, good luck!

Rinalia said...

Thanks everyone, the move went very smoothly.

Laura said...

hope both moves go well!

CyborgSuzy said...

Wow, congrats on the house. And on the 10-fold increase in sanctuary space!