Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Daily Republic: Ban Pit Bulls, The Boxers Have Menaced

Last Thursday, three Boxers got loose. They menaced a woman walking her dogs. No dog or person was hurt.

The article called the dogs Pit Bulls. Talk of banning Pit Bulls is discussed. As you know, three dogs not attacking someone is reason enough to ban a breed of dog not actually involved in the incident.

Well, even when evidence emerged that the dogs were Boxers, not Pit Bulls, Mitchell's newspaper, The Daily Republic, published this piece, "Time for the city to enact pit bulls".

And some people claim there is no media bias?
However authorities shake this out — i.e., determining the breed of the dogs and their potential for danger — it puts Mitchell in exactly the same spot it has been in several times in the past. Another dangerous dog — possibly a pit bull — has stricken fear in another Mitchell resident.
 Possibly a Pit Bull. Um, Daily Republic editor, have you seen the photo? Those dogs are not possibly Pit Bulls, they are Boxers. If Mitchell had a Pit Bull ban, these dogs would probably be included due to the fact that the Daily Republic editorial board thinks they are and so does the city. Logic and pedigrees saying otherwise be damned!
Other towns have done so for the sake of citizen safety. Denver, for instance, is a metropolitan city that by law doesn’t allow pit bulls.
Ah, a shining beacon for anti-dog zealots. Denver. The city that has killed thousands of family pets. The city that spends thousands on court cases. The city that kills puppies who look a certain way. The city that criminalizes residents and forces them out of town if they want to keep their dogs. The city that still has Pit Bulls and still has dog bites and still has Pit Bull bites.


It’s true that the dogs in the most recent case may not actually be part pit bull. The owner says they’re not; the city says they are.

That doesn’t matter to us. What matters is that without a city ordinance banning certain breeds, there will be a pit bull attack in Mitchell. Perhaps not this week or this year, but eventually.
Read that. Read it again. The editors of this paper are saying they don't care if those dogs aren't actually Pit Bulls, but because they got loose, Mitchell needs to ban Pit Bulls. If not now, eventually, there will be another Pit Bull attack, and don't say we didn't tell you. As you know, banning Pit Bulls ends Pit Bull attacks and improves public safety. This is true in Ontario and in Denver and most true in the United Kingdom. Banning a breed is the 100% most successful way to end dog and Pit Bull attacks. Since it has worked for Denver and the United Kingdom, it will surely would work for Mitchell. Oh. Wait.
No matter what their owners say, pit bulls cannot be trusted. They are dangerous and temperamental. It’s in their DNA to attack.
 Well, Daily Republic editors, here is a DNA-model. Please educate me. Tell me where the dangerous and temperamental markers are!

I eagerly await your expert response on the magical "dangerous" and "temperamental" alleles. If you can show them to me, and show they are unique to Pit Bulls, then hells yeah, I'll jump on the ban 'em all bandwagon!! Until then, put me down as skeptical. But thanks for your irrational fear mongering!


Anonymous said...

ok, not even the Onion could make this up.
Words completely fail at the total blithering idiocy of this.

Pibble said...

Oh, Rinalia, you're making sense again. You know that logic plays no role in these arguments.

Unless you're hot-headed and emotional, you can't play their game. They don't want to see facts. They don't want to see how BSL has failed in other cities - heck, other COUNTRIES.

They merely want to jump to conclusions, go on witch hunts, and be hurtful. The idea of evaluating an individual dog to determine its level (or not) of aggression and at the same time quite possibly save their municipality a whole bucket of money wouldn't dawn on them.

It's really too bad. I'd rather see them use the money for dog training classes or spay/neuter or low-cost vaccination clinics. But who am I to say?

Pibble said...

Oh, yeah, then there's the fact that these dogs aren't even Pit Bulls. Just a bit of a problem, fellas!

A suggestion: if you're going to round up and destroy anything with a blocky head, maybe you can toss in knuckleheads, too.

Pibble said...
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Jennie said...

I must say, I really love your star spangled, rainbow DNA helix. Nothing says "vicious" genetic markers like spangles and bright colors!

Retrieverman said...

I'm going to use that post.

I'm German-American.

It's in my DNA to want to conquer Poland!

I warned my Polish American friends in High School that I was coming for their front yards.

I just couldn't stop myself!

Darlene said...

Here is a neat video about pit bulls. He does not have a pink nose, but his smile is great!


BTW, Orca Dawg says to tell Miss Mina he sends nose bops :)

CyborgSuzy said...

LOL, finally a picture of the magickal DNA I keep hearing about.

I think the "attack" gene is right next to the gene that codes for "cravings for the flesh of children".

thelenbloo said...

I live in Mitchell. I have a companion (Dr. ordered) pit mix. I am scared for my dog's life. I am scared for my safety. I don't trust these racist, discriminatory, self-absorbed hate mongrels that run and reside in Mitchell, SD. The ignorant and indignant is right next to the deodorant in the medicine cabinet & you can tell it right away These people never play fair, prey on the meek and ALWAYS win. Believe me, I know. It's black and white, no in between. My heart pounds right out of my chest when I think of the police coming to take my dog away to shoot or euthanize her just because of the way she looks.
Someone with some sense needs to step forward and actively pursue this obvious lack of education.
I've written two of my city counselmen and spoken to the mayor Lou Sebert of Mitchell on the phone & he told me he thought all large dogs should be banned as well. He stated, "My own daughter had a black lab when she was growing up and I couldn't WAIT for that damn thing to die!" I have also received emails from one couselman in favor of a pit bull ban. He has turned a deaf ear to me.
The mayor told me he thought all large dogs should be banned as well.
As I speak out for my dog and other animals/people at risk of genocide I pray am not signing their death certificate by defending them.
Here's how it plays out now:
(It is up to the chief of police to decide if an animal is deemed dangerous. The chief of police is not required to ask the educated opinion of a vet to assist in the decision.)-Mitchell city code 6:1:1 thru 6:1:6-
Now, if these eggheads are allowed to enact a law, at their will, (which they can and now, most likely will) they will start using taxpayer's dollars to come into our homes, "examine" our pets & companions to determine them a potential dangerous threat. THEN they will either take them to be shot straight away or euthanized later after they have charged you about $30-50/day to 'house' our pits and pits look-a-likes until owners run out of support/options of how to avoid having our animals rotting in the city landfill.
Hey, taxpayers of Mitchell, can you say "CHA-CHING"?? It has already cost the city of Denver,CO over $800,000. Yep, redneck man, that's a lot of pork-n-beans, son.
So I ask you, what's it gonna be? A breed specific ban? or large dog ban? with a side of "CHA_CHING"? Or will it be having a leash law in the first place kids? And I don't mean just in the park. I mean period. If you have a fence you must monitor your animal, do not let it out of the house or fence with out a leash, not longer than 6-8 feet. Let's designate some land that everyone has been pissing on each other's legs about, as a dog park. If you live outside of city limits your dogs are free to roam. What is so freaking hard about that class? Any..one...??????????

littlemissourigallery said...

The editorial board of the republic needs to get its facts right. Punish the people who are not responsible with their dogs not the dogs. As an example one of the pit bulls that Michael Vick was using to fight is now a therapy dog for children. Pit bulls are good dogs unless they are with bad people. Does the truth not matter?

Jennie Bailey said...

This makes my brain hurt. When it gets to this point, I'm ready to throw in the towel. How in the heck do we fight CRAZY?!? Seriously. When they're going to ban our dogs based on behavior by OTHER dog breeds! How do you fight that? Didn't Lakewood, OH ban pit bulls based on an attack by a purebred white boxer who was defending her litter when an officer entered her yard? My god. This is insane.

I would never stop fighting for my dog, but this is just insane. Seriously.

DogLoverzRock said...

Did we expect anything better from town officials who pride themselves on running a place that has a palace made out of CORN? So Mitchell, whats next? Banning people of different races because afterall some DO have a higher crime percentage. Nice work, displaying your own as one of the few ignorant places really doesn't do you OR SOUTH DAKOTA any favors. Start picking on my dogs and pretty sure that the DOG will be the least of your worries... ;)