Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Regina Police Kill Chained Dog, Respond by Wanting to Change their Facebook Page

Police in Canada are responding to their unnecessary shooting of a chained dog by pulling their Facebook page after 2 people said something they didn't like.

Last week, Regina police entered a backyard without permission. They were following a suspect. The suspect managed not to incite the chained dog living in the snow-covered yard to violence, but an officer who brought his canine partner into the yard did. Ignoring the multiple Beware of Dogs signs, the canine officer rushed into the yard.

Both dogs may have gotten into a scuffle, although witness reports differ from police reports (surprise, surprise). The canine officer did not have any injuries, nor did the human officer. So it is curious to me that the officers would claim the two dogs were fighting so severely that another officer decided he needed to pump a bullet into the Pit Bull.

He made this decision between 5-20 seconds into the "fight" that injured no one. The only injury was the gunshot wound the poor 7-yr-old dog suffered. And while I cringe seeing how this dog lived, outside in subzero temperatures, chained, I cannot assume he didn't have an acceptable quality of life. He doesn't even have that now.

And the police?

Well, they are investigating themselves, per usual.

But they are mostly upset about Facebook. Yeah, Facebook. In response to shooting a dog within five seconds of entering his guardian's yard without permission, police are upset that people are upset. In fact, they were so upset that they shut down their Facebook page and had a press conference about how awful people are! And by people, they are really just referring to a grand total of like 2 comments. Out of a lot more than that.

Someone left a comment that said, "the only good cop is a dead cop". That's not an actual death threat, people. I mean, it is totally rude. Another comment opined that maybe the officer should be chained up and see what it's like to be shot in their own backyard. Also, rude and inappropriate. I'm going out on a limb and presuming the person isn't going to actually kidnap the officer and chain him up in a yard. I COULD BE SO WRONG. I manage a Facebook page. When I see a rude comment, I delete and ban the user. That's how I deal with inappropriate comments.

Interesting, though, that police running rampant and shooting up dogs in people's backyards is less of an issue than Facebook comments. Something wrong with that.

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