Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shooting of Dogs By Police - 9/19/2012-9/30/2012

Mandatory reading for police agencies interested in addressing this issue - The Problem of Dog-Related Incidents and Encounters

Police Shooting of Non-Aggressive or Non-Injurious Dogs

9/27/2012 - A traumatized, potentially sick German Shepherd was chased and eventually shot and killed by police. The dog's legal guardians were in the process of taking the oddly-acting canine to the veterinarian when, in the parking lot, the dog tried to bite his guardians and escaped. Police chased the dog, eventually cornering him in the woods where he was killed. Link

9/27/2012 - Police "legally" entered a backyard - without the owner's permission - looking for a suspect. A dog was in the yard and barked at officers. So they shot and killed the dog. Link

9/25/2012 - Omaha police investigating a burglary shot and killed two of three roaming dogs, who were not biting anyone but acting "menacing". Link

Police Shooting Dogs in Response to an Attack That Left No Wounds

9/24/2012 - An officer shot and killed a dog outside of her kennel after he tried to get the dog back inside the kennel. The officer claims the dog attacked him, despite no evidence of any - you know - bite wounds. LInk

9/24/2012 - An officer performing a welfare check on two children in Nampa was supposedly attacked by the family's dog. The "attack" left the officer with no actual injuries, which seems a loose interpretation of "attack". The officer had pushed open a door that was partially ajar, when two dogs came out to defend their territory. Although described as a Pit Bull, a photo here shows a mixed breed dog acting aggressively with another dog (the other dog was never shot, despite being just as aggressive...but not looking like a Pit Bull got her a pass, I guess.)The officer shot and killed the dog (he died after police took him to a vet). Link

9/24/2012 - An officer returning an ID shot a non-biting dog three times while she was restrained by her legal guardian and in front of two children. Bullet fragments hit the home. At no point did the officer orally ask the dog be restrained or mention he was going to open fire on a restrained dog. The beloved family companion was killed. Link - let's see how much his superiors support him!

Police Shooting Dogs During an Actual Bite Incident

9/29/2012 - A Cattle Dog who got into an altercation with a police dog during a raid in Australia was shot multiple times and killed because apparently no one knows how to break up a dog fight. Link

9/27/2012 - Police shot and killed a dog who had just killed a woman. The dog belonged to the victim's grand-daughter. Link

9/21/2012 - A tragic dog attack, involving 2 large dogs, killed a man in Alabama. Police were called and, unable to contain the two dogs, shot and killed both of them. The dogs' legal guardian confined 33 other dogs in cages on the property. Link.

9/25/2012 - A disturbed individual entered a Target store with his off leash dog. Police were called. The dog bit an officer and was shot, and eventually died later of his wounds. The dog's legal guardian also bit an officer but was tased instead. Link

9/25/2012 - A loose dog "attacked" a girl, but caused no injuries (hardly an actual attack). When police arrived, the dog actually attacked him, causing a bite wound. The officer shot and killed the dog. Link

9/24/2012 - An officer fatally shot a large dog who knocked him over and attempted to attack him (causing only minor injuries, thankfully). The dog had been confined but had escaped. The dog died. Link


9/27/2012 - A family is suing for damages suffered when their 11-yr-old companion Lab mix dog was shot and killed by police. The dog, and another dog, were shot at for snarling at an officer who opened a front gate without permission. It is unclear if the dog had the ability to simply step back out of the gate or what. Link

9/24/2012 - Once again, police defend dog-killing police. A Michigan officer hit a 8-yr-old Golden Retriever with his cruiser. Apparently trying to check on the dog, the dog - understandably - was reactive. He may have barked and/or charged at the officer. Regardless, at some point, the officer discharged 7 bullets, some of them hitting the dog and killing him. He has been cleared of any wrongdoing. link.

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