Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dude's Surgery and the Sofa

Dude survived the surgical removal of two lipomas, and now he is high on opioids.

Courtesy of my parents, Celeste is spending the next two weeks on vacation in Napa. I think she has a pretty sweet deal. My parents, the best. Celeste thinks so too.

This means Dude comes to work with Mina, which he finds pretty incredible. He loves people and people love him.

Downside is getting him to load up in the car, which he refused to do this morning. Shoving a 70+ lb dog up into an SUV is on my Don't Do That Again list.

To provide my high-on-pain-meds-foster-dog some comfort, Mina and I slept on the sofa last night. We may do it again tonight.

Sleeping on the sofa is never comfortable. It does not matter if you have a million dollar sofa. Sofas are for sitting and Sunday afternoon football games. They are not for achieving REM sleep. Unless you are Mina, of course, in which sharp rocks serve as fake-feather soft comforters.

Everybody loves Dude. How can you not? Here's a 7-yr-old dog whose sole pleasure in life is to place his head on your lap and sigh heavy and deep with pleasure. I am a fan.

Now I just need to find his biggest fan, the one who will give Dude the retirement he deserves.

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