Thursday, July 26, 2012

Morgan County Sheriff Mad About Facebook Page

Last week, a 3-yr-old Golden Retriever named Aubie was shot by Morgan County, Alabama police serving a search warrant for some marijuana.

You can see the results of that shooting death in this graphic photo album, which be forewarned includes photographs of the dead dog, Aubie...who was dispatched with a brutal shotgun blast to the chest. Officers claimed the Retriever was trying to maul the officers.

The Morgan County sheriff Ana Franklin is now all angry over a Facebook page, Justice for Aubie, which I encourage you to support if just to annoy Sheriff Franklin.

She is so angry that she is threatening to take legal action. For a Facebook page, people. She claims the page is inflammatory.

Also, she is angry that people aren't more concerned about the dangerous criminal masterminds she and her officers took off the streets. I mean, the guy was allegedly selling marijuana, which as we know, is a gateway drug to committing genocide.

Of course, there was also a handgun and drug paraphernalia, so I am pretty sure these guys were ready to take over a small country!

Gee, hope Sheriff Franklin doesn't try to threaten me with legal action, yo!

Look, there are totally times when it is absolutely necessary to defend yourself from an actual honest-to-goodness dangerous dog. One time I physically threw 70-lb dog a good five feet when she tried to eat my 25-lb spaniel mix (she had one eye, no one messes with Juju, fact). And when a Retriever went kennel crazy and tried to eat my hand and arm, I am not going to lie - I whacked the dog upside the head, because hello! I like to have ten fingers, thanks. The dog was like, what? And I was like, yeah, back off jerk. He did.

Somehow I managed not to bust out the shotgun! I know, I'm pretty amazing.

In other cities, do you know what happens when an officer shoots a dog or person? At the very least, they are  put on leave, often with pay (which is especially offensive when an officer shoots or kills an unarmed person). There is at least a pretense, as flimsy as it may be, that the shooting should be investigated (fox, guard hen house, please).

In Morgan County, you pose in a photo proud of your great accomplishment on the Sheriff's birthday...with no mention that during the execution of one drug raid, the execution of one family pet occurred!

I'm so sorry you died, Aubie. You appear to have been a well-loved family pet and even if it is proved in court that your guardian sold pot, you did not deserve to die nor did your family deserve to suffer this indignity.

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