Monday, July 16, 2012

Kassie the Foster Dog

Kassie Foster Dog
Kassie is one tough cookie.

The picture on the right is not of a snarling Kassie.

Instead, the "snarl" you see is the result of someone breaking Kassie's jaw. Evidence suggests she was kicked multiple times, in the face and chest (she also had several broken ribs and a chest contusion).

If that wasn't bad enough, Kassie has heartworms. This is why I am fostering her, at least temporarily.

She has a week and a half left in her treatment, and then she will be good as gold for adoption.

And let me tell you, she should have a line-up of people interested.

I am sure her less endearing quirks will emerge in the coming days (they always do) but Kassie is assuredly a gentle, soft, sweet-natured canine.

I believe she is 2-4 years of age, although the rescue thinks she is 1-2...maybe she is an unusually calm-natured teenage dog, I don't know!

Her breed is mutt. She is normally a medium-haired dog, but she has been shaved to help with itching (I think she has a skin condition that is a side effect of the trauma and effect it has had on her immune system). Her ears vacillate from perky and upright to pinned back and adorable. She has four white socks and a white chest. There is a really weird white ring on her tail too.

I think her optimal weight is more like 40 lbs, but I think she is around 45-50lbs right now.

She is a little camera shy, so I am going to have to work on getting a better shot of her colorized.

Here is a picture that makes her look like a tiny puppy:

Kassie Foster Dog

And one that shows her sweetness:
Kassie Foster Dog

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