Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snuggling on the Sofa Leads to Cuteness

Before I go to bed, I must report upon the new Level of Cute the dynamic duo exhibited this evening.

Picture this: You are sitting on the sofa. The old lady Pit Bull dawg stares at you from - according to her - the improper vantage of on the ground. So you invite her up, and she is glad.

Then the not-so-little-muttskie Celeste gets in on the action. She too is curious as to why she is sitting neglected and forlorn on the ground. THE GROUND. Ignore the cushy rug.

So you invite her up too.

The old lady Pit Bull dawg proceeds to put her head on your leg, curling up as close to you as is canine-ly possible. The not-so-little-muttskie Celeste drapes her rear leg over one of yours, contorting herself into the corner of the sofa. And then, the coup de grace (minus the death part) - old lady Pit Bull dawg leans over and flings herself, gracefully, on top of Celeste...and Celeste is happy with this. You are happy too, because you are watching that awful 4th season episode of the Private Practice and OMG XANDER WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? And you need that dog love.

Moments like these make me ever so happy I kept Celeste (original plan = foster). Everybody touching, everybody contented, everybody just being. Plus, the cute factor.

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