Thursday, December 9, 2010

DMV Employee Works for the Devil

Did you know that a government employee disclosing your personal information to extremist churches and mailing a letter to your home address, telling you you will burn in hell, is according to the government agency in question a personal matter? Last time I checked, bunions were a personal matter...violation of privacy and sexual discrimination by a government employee were not. CALL ME LUDICROUS. But you cannot, because I am right.

A transgender woman went to the DMV to change her gender from male to female.

The employee who did the change then stole her private, personal information, shared it with a freaky hater-mongering Church of The Evilness and mailed her a letter about going to hell and stuff.

This is the second time the employee has directed his fear and hatred towards a transgender individual.

The DMV isn't letting anyone know if the dude in question is still employed. We have a large pool of unemployed people, many of whom are not creepy bigoted assholes. One of them can take his place. That's my advice, anyways. I know firing government employees is hard, but two incidents of violating the law SEEM like reasonable grounds.

In addition to not disclosing if the man in question is employed, the DMV is also not apologizing. This is probably because the DMV never apologizes. Ever. The DMV would run you over with a car and would not apologize. That is how the DMV rolls. Get it? Rolls. Yes, I did that. Just kidding. I imagine The Apology is slowly working its way up through the chain of DMV command and we will hear about how sorry they are five years from now. Government remorse for the win.

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