Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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A 7-yr-old Golden Retriever was shot to death by a police officer who cut through the yard where the dog lived. In another case, an officer responding to a call shot a German Shepherd in the face after the dog charged at him.

Dog Attacks - none of which were reported by Anti "dogs I don't like" zealots over at dogsbite.org
A Labrador Retriever-Chow Cross attacked a child and his father. The father choked the dog to death. A more recent story highlights the dog was on her property when the attack occurred.

Two Labrador Retrievers running loose attacked a leashed Jack Russell Terrier and then mauled the guardian of the JRT when she tried to help.

A 5-yr-old boy allowed to play with a neighbor's Labrador Retriever was bitten by the dog. His finger was bitten off but recovered.

Two Labrador Retrievers were found attacking sheep, ripping out one's throat.

Why these kids were playing football in a dog park is unknown. The football hit a dog in the head. The Labradoodle responded by biting one of the ball's thrower in the thigh, causing 15 stitches worth of damage.

A toddler suffered 300 stitches worth of damage from a Maremma sheepdog used as a guardian dog. The dog was alone with the toddler when the attack happened and will be killed.

A Belgian Malinois police dog bit a child multiple times in the face while visiting the child's school. The child was the last one to interact with the dog.

A Great Dane tore a 6-mos-old child from her mother's arms, causing significant injuries.

A Bull Mastiff inflicted massive injuries on a 4-yr-old boy under unknown circumstances.

A German Shepherd mix running loose attacked a Lab and then the owner.

A German Shepherd running loose attacked a small dog and when the owner intervened, the GSD mauled her.

Four Huskies running loose severely mauled a 7-yr-old girl.

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