Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cover the Nose

Mina is jealous of Celeste's feathered tail. Celeste can use this tail to cover her nose. Mina tries, but her tail is whip-like.

Mina uses her paws. She will first try her front paws, placing them on either side of her face, curving over to that beautiful pink-nose. Then its her back paws, the outer one fitting perfectly over her snout.

It's never good enough.

Celeste drapes her feet over her nose too, but she has the ultimate nose protector in her tail.

And tonight, Mina finally took advantage of Celeste's newfound tolerance of snuggling. There I was, watching The Walking Dead, minding my own business when BAM! cuteness overload. Mina's nose under Celeste's tail. It was a thing of beauty, that it was.

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