Monday, December 13, 2010

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Denver is all fuck you, federal Americans with Disabilities Act and fuck you "disabled" persons, we don't wanna, we don't have to!

Grab a happy tissue, because here's a sweet story of a family adopting two adorable Pit Bulls.

Charlie the pit bull, rescued from a dogfighting operation, is in his new home. RE bait dogs...sure, I am certain they exist, but I'm betting Charlie was a fighter, not a bait dog. Either way, he deserves a chance at a normal home life.

Dog Attack - none of which were reported by Anti "dogs I don't like" zealots over at
A Thai Ridgeback inflicted 150 stitches worth of damage on a 16-mos-old infant who was apparently making a lot of noise while being bathed.

A small dog of unknown breed caused an emergency landing of an airplane after the dog somehow claws her way out of her carrier and bit two people.

A small dog of unknown breed being walked by a 6-yr-old while his dad drank some coffee bit a woman passing by. Dad said, yo! sorry, and just walked off. Nice.

A Chi/Yorkie mix was savagely attacked by a Husky at a dog park. The attack occurred when the owner of the small dog was outside of the park putting another dog in her car.

A young girl in the UK is recovering well, although she will bear permanent scarring, from an attack by a Husky in November.

A German Shepherd in the UK bit a teenager sunbathing in his garden.

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