Monday, December 13, 2010

The Pups Feel Better

Thanks for all the advice and suggestions! Mina and Celeste are feeling a lot better.

Celeste is nutsCeleste has an ongoing ear infection. After three different treatments, I am trying a food elimination diet. I think she might be allergic to rice. So now she is on unmentionables (animal products) all the time. She thinks this is great. I am also using a tea-tree oil* based ear wash. I think the ear is starting to look a tiny bit better. She is not shaking her head as often, and there is not as much gunk. I know elimination diets can take up to 6 weeks to work. She's been on it for two weeks. It's nice to see her be in less pain.

In other Celeste news, she is being a real bitch to Mina. I don't know how Mina takes it. Mina has been wanting desperately to play with Celeste. The puppy-no-more is not having any of that. What is wrong with her? Mina is a perfect play mate and is also supremely adorable. Celeste needs to realize this and just get over herself.

This is what they should be doing together:

Mina and Celeste tug

*A word of caution - Never use undiluted tea tree oil, it is toxic and caustic. Do not ingest tea tree oil. Consult a homeopathic veterinarian before making your own tea tree oil ear wash. It has to be diluted properly and at the right level to not cause hearing loss while also killing bacteria. If you buy a commercial brand, check with the company and find out the diluted percentage and their quality of standards.

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