Friday, December 3, 2010

Shelters Doing Good 2

I want to profile more good things shelters are doing, because I think they give all shelters and the public useful alternatives to killing animals. Plus, positive is always more productive than negative...tragically less memorable! This will be a continuing series.

The Humane Society of Bergen County is offering pet food to those in need. It's first-come, first-serve and not a prolonged program, but it is a short-term idea that can offer help to less fortunate folks.

Main Line Animal Rescue has a program taking temperamentally sound Pit Bulls and having them visit blind people. The dogs bring some joy to the people, and the program helps individual Pit Bulls get good, positive attention. It was featured on the Today Show.

The Butte Humane Society is encouraging adoption through their "take me home for the holidays" adoption drive, a far less stingy "coal in your stocking" approach to the "getting companion animals during the holidays is the sinful".

The Asheville Humane Society had 72 cats needing homes. A lot of shelters are facing a crisis of cats...some are coming up with other ways to get them homes rather than killing them. Last Friday and Saturday, they offered cats for free, resulting in 49 cats being adopted, woo-hoo!

Remember the St. Louis shelter's success with Stray Rescue taking over operations? Here are some pictures of the initial transfer from the old city shelter to the new shelter, taken in July of this year by someone who participated in that transport.

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