Sunday, December 5, 2010

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A man and woman driving by a canal noticed a dog struggling in the water. They immediately pulled over, got out, found a ladder, and pulled the 2-yr-old Lab to safety. He had clearly struggled in the water and was suffering from hypothermia, but survived.

A former sex offender living in a group home was savagely beaten by three men while walking his dog. The man was in a group home for former sex offenders. The three men attacked the man because they "didn't want sex offenders" in their neighborhood. When the man's dog started barking, I guess the three men decided they didn't want Pomeranian-Chihuahua's in the neighborhood, because they kicked the dog multiple times, killing her. Way to go vigilante justice. Sarcasm there.

A German Shepherd in Evans, NY fell nearly 100' off a cliff, suffering extensive injuries. Rescuers braved the cliffside to rescue the dog...who may be euthanized because his family cannot afford the cost of repairing the damage. I don't have any info on donating to help or if the dog has already been killed.

Burning a bridge vs building one or how punitive neighborhood sweeps do not help guardians or dogs/cats.

HSUS coordinated the rescue and housing of 100 dogs rescued from a commercial breeding operation. They worked with several other groups to help the dogs. In addition, HSUS is suing Perdue farms, one of the largest producers of chickens, for their false labeling claims that confuse consumers about the care chickens at Perdue facilities receive.

Dog Attacks - none of which were reported by Anti "dogs I don't like" zealots over at
A stray St. Bernard with a prior aggressive encounter (which was either not reported or the dog was not impounded) got into a fight with a leashed Labrador Retriever being taken out for a bathroom break by her autistic guardian. The father of the child heard the snarling, grabbed his gun and killed the dog. The Lab suffered no major injuries.

A city council has sentenced a dog to death after biting a third victim. The dog had bitten two people before and the council gave the dog's guardian another chance. A day after the ruling, the dog got out of his pen and attacked another person. You can see a picture of the mixed breed here.

While covering a break and enter call, RCMP entered an apartment complex with a leashed police dog. The dog then decided to randomly attack a woman standing in the hallway. Even though the woman had just been attacked by a police dog, none of the officers stayed behind to make sure, I dunno, she didn't bleed out or die or anything. Now they are denying her counseling services because she's not a "victim of a crime", 'cept she wouldn't have been mauled by a dog if there wasn't a break 'n enter, so an argument could be made she is a victim (certainly of a police dog gone a bit haywire). This isn't the first time BC RCMP has had a police dog savagely attack the wrong person. The Province, a newspaper in British Columbia, has tried for months to obtain data on police dog attacks on the wrong people, to no avail.

A leashed German Shepherd bit a woman as she was walking by.

Two Shepherd mixed, both with previous dog-animal attacks, killed 65 laying hens on a small egg-laying farm. The male dog has killed twice before, the female dog once. Neither dog will be euthanized, as the law requires three attacks before death is considered. They have been moved out of county.

Despite their 4-breed ban, the UK's Dangerous Dog Act - which also doesn't criminalize owners when attacks occur on private property - has failed to improve public safety. Dog bites continue to rise in the country.

A small dog mistook a man's arm for a ball and bit him. When the victim approached the owner to report the bite, she told him her dogs don't bite. Awesome. And then she left.

A Border Collie and a Labrador Retriever cross were shot dead after they killed several kittens and attacked sheep.

In addition to teaching our children to look both ways before crossing the street, let us please to teach them not to climb into people's backyard to retrieve a ball. Not every backyard/junkyard dog can be like the Beast in Sandlot. While the news article states the boy who did just that is in stable condition and his injuries aren't "life-threatening", he was severely injured by three bull-mastiffs after he jumped into their backyard to get a ball. He was bitten multiple times around the face, neck, arms and may have suffered a broken leg. That sounds pretty "life-threatening", to me.

A photographer at a dog show was bitten in the face by a Swiss mountain dog, requiring her ear to be amputated.

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