Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Around the Intarwebz

Dog Attacks - none of which were reported by anti "dogs I don't like" zealots over at dogsbite.org
A little boy is still recovering after a savage mauling from a Border Collie in September. He's had several surgeries. 

A woman in the UK was killed by a mastiff owned by another renter. The dog was housed in the garden and has a history of aggression. The owner is being charged with manslaughter.

An 11-yr-old boy in the UK underwent 5 hours of surgery after being attacked by a stray Shar-Pei the family had taken in days earlier. It is unclear what instigated the attack. The dog was euthanized.

A loose mixed breed dog weighing about 100 lbs attacked three boys in Alabama.

 Two St. Bernards who were going to be rehomed by their owner are instead being euthanized after their third attack on a child.

A Labrador Retriever bit a child, causing 32 stitches worth of damage. When the dog was released back to his owner, the father of the child walked to the woman's property with a gun, approached the dog who was confined in a vehicle, and shot the dog three times, killing him. He is now facing animal cruelty charges.

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