Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where My Feathered Friends At?

I have two bird feeders out in my yard. There's not a lot of foliage in my yard, except for several tall silver maples and pine trees...they don't provide a lot of coverage for birds, though.

One feeder is hanging outside my window. There are several trees close by, and one small bush right under it for added hiding spots. The other is in a bad spot, hanging from a maple tree (these are 40-50' trees, so their leafy branches are up high), with no hiding spots.

How can I convince the birds to come visit? Are they just missing the feeders? What the heck am I doing wrong?

The feeders have been out for two weeks now, am I just being impatient?

Help, I need to have data for Project FeederWatch and cannot do so without some birds to watch!

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