Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Ontario's stupid BSL law strikes again! A dog is on death row for an attack she did not start. She was attacked, while muzzled AND leashed, by another unleashed dog. The dog attacked so hard that s/he ripped off the muzzle. As both owners were separating the dogs, the attacking dog's owner was bitten by one of the dogs. Now the leashed, muzzled, didn't start it dog is on death row because she is a Pit Bull. Lame! Calgary is offering to take Ginger, because Calgary is not made of the stupid.

A few Pit Bulls rescued from a "drug bust" are learning how to be pets in Pittsburgh, including one chunky boy named Ferdinand the Bull.

Spay/neuter clinic celebrates its 20,000th spay!

Panic ensues when a dog runs around! This is news because the dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It is such epic news that more than 400 words are dedicated to the story. Nothing happened, by the way. The dog literally just ran around. No biting, no scratching (he did jump enthusiastically on some kids). Yes, frightening experience for kids unfamiliar or scared of dogs but not news.

Dog Attacks
A woman is suing another over a dog bite from a mixed breed dog that left the woman with extensive injuries.

An unmuzzled mixed breed dog tied up outside of a store lunged and bit a 2-yr-old child.

A pack of stray mixed breed dogs got loose from the property of a man caring for them and killed a neighbor's two small dogs. One dog bit a deputy on the arm.

A loose Bull-mastiff attacked a young boy, inflicting 13 bite wounds.

A Bull Mastiff in New Zealand broke loose from his home and attacked a man riding a bike.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback allowed to run loose at a beach attacked a smaller dog, causing significant wounds and biting the owner.

A Labrador Retriever who attacked another dog severely in the UK will not be euthanized.

A Labrador Retriever savagely mauled a little boy, including tearing into the boy's throat. The boy had to be airlifted and is in critical condition.

A girl in the UK will have to undergo rabies shots after being bitten by a Labrador Retriever, since the owner didn't come forward.

A deer in the UK had to be killed after a lurcher chased the animal into mud.

A loose Beagle/Basset Hound mix bit a person.

A Boxer escaped from her home and pinned another dog, causing one puncture to the leg. Another dog, a German Shepherd, bit a 5-yr-old girl in the groin.

Two smooth-coated collies bit two people and now their owners are being charged under the Dangerous Dog Act, even though neither of the victims wanted to press charges.

An intact, male boerboel in South Africa who had been brought over to mate with an in-estrus bitch boerboel nearly killed a man, savagely mauling him for 10 minutes before someone could get the dog off the man.

A loose Akita in the UK attacked a young girl, causing 30 stitches worth of damage. (As an aside, they always refer to Akitas as Japanese Akita fighting dogs, which is strange as Akitas are not generally used as fighting dogs at all, especially in the UK).

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