Friday, November 5, 2010

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This story of a potbellied pig in new York City will not be so cute in 3-5 years when the pig reaches full-size - that's not a "miniature" pig, and he will grow to be between 100-200 lbs. Also, super bad idea to bring a potbellied pig to the freaking dog park.

A captive Jaguar used by National Geographic film-makers escaped captivity and attacked a dog and a human. The jaguar was then captured and killed.

New research shows alcohol is the "most harmful" drug, even above heroin and crack.

Ontario is all, "ZOMG JUNIOR U R SO SKEERY" and thus Cesar Millan couldn't bring him into the province. 

Dog Attacks
A terrier being walked by his owner attacked and bit a flasher.

Two Huskies were dumped at a shelter inside the enclosure of a goat who was the unofficial mascot of the shelter. The goat was mauled to death. In other Husky news, a dude who raises chickens to kill them got tired of a dog killing them, leg-snared the dog, shot him and then buried him in the backyard.

Two mixed breed dogs will be euthanized after killing a cat, their second attack. The first attack involved attacking a cat on a porch and then attacking a woman who intervened.

A Central Asian Shepherd, who attacked a person last year, was busted out of the animal shelter where he was held during his owner's appeal. The owners claim it wasn't them.

An Anatolian shepherd severely mauled a 4-yr-old boy when he opened up the bedroom door in which the dog was isolated (because he was aggressive). The child was partially scalped.

A police dog allowed to be off leash savagely attacked a young woman who was only saved by a thick blanket she was wearing. Another person was bitten when he tried to help the girl. When asked if the dog would be killed, police said it was highly unlikely and he'll just get, you know, some extra training and stuff.

Crickett, the Border Collie, has been banished from the town she lived in after an incident that left a 5-yr-old girl with 50 stitches to the face. The dog was being trained for 4-H by an 11-yr-old girl when she was walking the dog near a neighbor's family. The family asked the dog be removed b/c the dog had shown aggressive behavior towards them before. The dog began lunging and growling, the 11-yr-old grabbed the dog's muzzle, and then released, at which point the dog lunged and latched onto the 5-yr-old's face.

A young child is recovering after being attacked by a Doberman. The dog belonged to the child's former boyfriend. The attack occurred when the child was left alone with the 4-yr-old dog momentarily. In the UK. Where Pit Bulls are banned.

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