Monday, November 1, 2010

Gaston County Animal Control Makes It Easier to Adopt Animals

Or How Being Annoying Saves Animal Lives.

Gaston County Animal Control in North Carolina hasn't been very popular with animal welfarists. The shelter has killed animals people wanted to adopt, gassed animals to death, and massacres 75% of the animals who comes through its door.

So activists persisted. They pushed and prodded, showing up at hearings and demanding change. Civics 101! And behold, change has cometh.

The good: If you sign a liability waiver, you - John & Jane Q Public - can adopt a dog who might have treatable medical or behavioral problems. Normally, dogs with health problems or modifiable behavioral woes were summarily executed.

The bad: Animals won't be gassed to death anymore, now they will be injected with euthanasia solution. I say this is bad not because I think euthasol is a gentler death for most animals but because there's nothing good about killing animals.

So props to all the activists who made this change possible. Your persistence, your annoying demands of fair treatment...victory is yours. Keep up the work -you are saving lives.

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