Friday, November 5, 2010

Clint McCance, Douchebag, and Former School District Board Member

Clint McCance, an Arkansas Midland School District Board Member, wasn't fired but resigned in wake of his comments encouraging LGBT kids to just go die already. His bigotry and homophobia is a pus-filled, raw open sore for the modern civil rights movement.
When asked what he would do if his kids did one day turn out to be gay, he could only stumble through saying, “Well, you know, I don’t know what I would do yet. I’m — uh, time will tell.”
My best guess? He will either tell them the same thing he told other peoples' children (just kill yourself) or he will disown them. I do not believe he understands the concepts of empathy or of true, unconditional love. Or that it's just plain wrong to wish death upon another human being over who they love.

I'll wrap this up with two things. One is a quote from a Miami Herald writer, the other is a youtube video:

We will pass lightly over the fact that people this rabidly homophobic are frequently revealed to be gay as all get out.
We will pass with equal lightness over the irony that an education official who derides other people for being stupid has no command of the basic rules of capitalization and punctuation and believes “thereselves” to be a word.
But can you imagine if you were a kid, lonely, alienated, struggling with your nascent sexual identity, daily tormented by classmates who think it’s funny to call you a fag or dunk your face in the toilet, and you go to a school administrator for help and this guy is who you get?
Perhaps you are familiar with the It Gets Better Project ( It’s a website of videos posted by everyday folk and by luminaries such as President Obama to remind gay and lesbian kids that high school is not forever, that somebody does care, that the future comes quicker than you think. That it gets better.
Let that be the take-away for kids who bear the excruciating pain of being different and alone. And this, too:
Life is funny sometimes. That which means to harm you can ultimately work to your benefit. That was the lesson of Bull Connor. Maybe it will also be the lesson of Clint McCance. Maybe the raw hatred evinced by this educator against five dead kids will force fair-minded people to finally see.
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