Saturday, November 20, 2010

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A little dog with giant bat ears pressed a medic-alert button multiple times, which saved his owner from dying of an asthma attack.

A combat veteran suffering from crippling depression is now getting his dog back, the therapy a doctor prescribed for his depression. The dog was accused of nipping the guardian's neighbor and was going to be killed because the veteran couldn't afford it. But donations poured in and now the man has his dog back.

Nearly 40 dogs confiscated from a property in which a young boy was killed by a chained dog were killed by their rescuers, even though they did not participate in the attack and many were friendly. Authorities killed the dogs after 72 hours because some of them - get this - had ear mites.

A woman is fighting for her son's right to have a seizure-alert dog present at his school. The child suffers from epilepsy and also has autism. His service dog helps calm him and can alert when a seizure is about to happen. Apparently the Collier County School District hates seizure-alert dogs.

Seven Pit Bulls were rescued from a Baltimore dog fighting operation and are now recovering at the humane society. The shelter is hoping some will be redeemed and adopted out once custody is granted to the shelter.

Dog Attacks - none of which were reported by Anti "dogs I don't like" zealots over at
A Belgian Malinois used as a sniffer dog in the Philippines bit a woman in the face when she sat down next to him to pet him (she had received permission to do so). The woman is now filing a court claim.

A police dog attacked a man who was prostrate on the ground, wrongly arrested for a crime that didn't occur.

A police dog accidentally bit another police officer in the groin during the chase of a robbery suspect.

A police dog attacked a 12-yr-old girl after his handler tripped and fell. The girl was running to her dad's car in the parking lot when the dog attacked.

A German Shepherd leaped out of a car and mauled a Jack Russell Terrier, leaving the dog with 40 stitches of wounds and requiring a week's stay at the vet hospital.

A German Shepherd is responsible for the death of a 79-yr-old woman who died from blood loss caused by dog bites.

A German Shepherd-Alaskan Malamute mix mauled a 3-yr-old girl, who had to be airlifted to the hospital.

A Great Dane who bit a 5-yr-old girl has been declared potentially dangerous. The bite wound was minor according to the mother of the child (who owns the dog), but apparently was the "worst dog bite" at least two of the council members had ever seen. And even though it was the "worst dog bite" they had seen, the dog was not labeled dangerous and the owner was not required to take out a $300,000 liability insurance policy if the dog bites someone again.

A man's penis was partially severed by his Bull-mastiff who he had considered killing because of aggressive behavior.

No charges will be filed against the owner of a Husky in the UK who attacked a small child, causing facial damage. 

A loose Jack Russell Terrier bit a curious 14-mos-old in the face when the child's mother turned her back for a second.

A greyhound mix in the UK attacked a terrier mix, causing damage to the neck.

Two dogs running loose, a Husky and a possible Malamute mix, attacked two people causing minor wounds. Both were captured, the Husky did not appear aggressive, while the Malamute acted aggressively during the chase.

Two Boxers running loose attacked three children and a jogger.

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