Friday, November 12, 2010

Please Show Common Sense

I'm in the parking lot of a grocery store with Mina in the front seat, window rolled down a smidgen. I'm not going in the store but picking up an order from a natural foods distributor. A guy approaches and notifies me that Mina wants to drive. This is a lifelong dream of hers. He then proceeds to stick his hand in the car. I'm like, woah there buddy. To which he replies, is she friendly? Well dude, ask that before you go sticking your fingers in her face. I feel progress has yet to be made re sensible thinking with dogs. DO NOT STICK YOUR HAND IN A WINDOW WITH AN UNKNOWN DOG!

Mina doesn't eat hands, so far as I know (if she does, she keeps it a secret), so she was super stoked to get a head-rubbing. But geeze, what if she was a man-eating she-beast from the depths of slor?

Then he asks if Mina is six months old. Mina is impressed with this and nods her head in agreement. But I ruin it by telling the truth about her 12-dom status. He is duly impressed. Mina is horrified.

Anyways, always ask before petting someone else's dog. Probably avoid petting dogs in cars, they are sometimes jerks in their vehicle (due to the fact that NO ONE lets them drive EVAR and they have now developed a complex). Dogs who head bump you as you exit your vehicle may be excepted if they are stupid and friendly, as happened to me yesterday in the parking lot.

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