Thursday, November 18, 2010

RCMP: Oops, But We're Not Sorry

You're out running errands and decide to return home with your bag of legally purchased loot. Upon arrival, you notice a bunch of dudes in your backyard looking all official like. You wonder to yourself, self, what is going on in my backyard? So you approach the backyard that is owned by you and suddenly find yourself flat on the ground with a dog dangling off your shoulder. Ouch, right? You're like, what did I steal that pack of peppered tofurky deli slices? Was my soy milk actually not on sale? WHAT THE HECK, RCMP?

No, you were just in your backyard and accused of a crime that didn't occur. Heck, you're one of FOUR people wrongly arrested for a crime that never happened.

And if you are Jared Shram, you don't even get an apology. Your mauling by an aggressive police dog, even though you had complied with officers' requests to lay on the ground, that was just "regrettable".

This isn't a story about a police dog "wrongly attacking" someone. It's about an entire police force wrongly arresting four innocent individuals for a magically disappearing crime and not saying DUDES, WE ARE SORRY. Is that hard to do, apologize?

Shram is filing a complaint. We can only hope the RCMP get their act together and issue a formal apology to the four wrongly arrested people. Which won't help with the damage done by the errant police dog or the loss of faith in the justice system (WAS THERE FAITH?) but it would be something.

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