Saturday, November 27, 2010

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This story will make you cry, if not, you are not human! Last year, a 15-yr-old boy died during a four-wheeling accident.The dog he rescued after a car accident three years prior is lost in grief, often visiting "her boy's" grave. Sad.

Whale sharks are MATHEMATICIANS

OMG, people are so stupid cruel - rabbits should not be abandoned in recycling bins out in snowy weather. Rabbit handling for the fail. Luckily, the rabbit was found by a family who was all RABBIT YOU ARE CUTE AND NOT RECYCLABLE, and saved her. The rabbit is currently in the lagamorph witness protection program.

Otters are going insane in Miami. Just kidding, they're just getting tired of idiots who think otters are ZOMG SO CUTE. Witness this child of dubious intelligence who decided to chase after an otter to film him, then screamed like a banshee when the otter got tired of swimming lazily in the pond, got out and bit the him.

Dogs have bigger brains because they are more AWESOME than cats. Or more social. Whatevs.

Dog Attacks - none of which were reported by Anti "dogs I don't like" zealots over at

A 5-yr-old boy was mauled to death by a Rottweiler left to guard a couple's wedding gifts. The boy didn't realize the dog was in the yard when he entered it to play. Police had to shoot and kill the dog.

A Rottweiler who has bitten two people mauled an 11-yr-old girl in Michigan. The dog got out of the yard by pushing open the gate and immediately attacked the child.

A Rottweiler in Ontario escaped from his home and mauled a Shih-Tsu being walked by his elderly owner. The man was also bitten.

A woman in the UK walking her two dogs, a Greyhound and a lurcher, were set upon by a loose Rottweiler mix. The dog attacked the Greyhound, causing massive injuries. The attack only stopped when the lurcher intervened and was able to fend off the other dog.

A Husky mix who attacked a small dog has been put on the "at-risk" list.

A family is fighting for their mixed breed dog who sits on death row after she and another dog (already killed) attacked a small flock of sheep.

A leashed Norwegian Elkhound being walked up to the home of a neighbor attacked and killed an elderly Yorkshire Terrier when the door was opened.

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